A discussion of the topic (broad focus) Racism is a de!rimen!al" in!ermina#le issue !ha! dehumani$es people of !heir indi%iduali!y #ecause !hey are #eing seen for !heir race and no!hing else& Racism is a danger !o people's safe!y in !he (orld and e%en !hough i! may #e argued #y o!hers !ha! a racis!" s!ereo!ypical commen! does no!hing physically" !here are psychological fac!ors !ha! (ill cause !he %ic!im !o feel insecure" helpless" and e%en endangered& )or ins!ance" *Racial !rauma is !he physiological" psychological" and emo!ional damage resul!ing from !he !ressors of racial harassmen! or discrimina!ion& +e! !here is %ery li!!le recogni!ion of !he effec!s of racial harassmen! in diagnos!icmanuals ,Car!er" 2012-.

,2/-& n !he ar!icle *he rauma of Racism: merica's 3riginal in. " 4enne!h & Ponds discusses a#ou! ho( *racism main!ains domina!ion" po(er" and con!rol.

" and ho( i! is used agains! people of color ,2/-& Regardless of people's eperiences (i!h racism or a(areness of racism" feelings such as anger" helplessness" and !he urge !o ac! may suddenly de%elop (hen !hey face or (i!ness ac!s of racism& )or eample" police #ru!ali!y has gi%en rise !o many of !hose feelings in people of color&  ha%e seen rallies" pro!es!s" and people crying ou! of sadness and anger&  #elie%e !ha!  ha%e faced a similar si!ua!ion& uring my unior year of high school"  (as si!!ing in my 8&& his!ory class learning a#ou! !he Japanese a!!ac9 on Pearl ar#or during ;; and a#ou! !he effec!s af!er& ;hile  (as learning a#ou! !he reloca!ion of all persons of Japanese ances!ry"  fel! angry" helpless" and sadness& he li%ing condi!ions and circums!ances Nguyen 2(ere no! up !o par" and !hese people (ere #eing imprisoned us! #ecause of !heir race and !he paranoia of o!hers& ue !o racial harassmen! and discrimina!ion" !he %ic!ims #egin !o suffer from racial !rauma" ye! !here is no recogni!ion of !his issue& Ponds re%eals a#ou! ho( children of color en!er !rea!men! programs" and !here is li!!le considera!ion for !he children (ho are suffering fromracial !rauma& he life eperiences and ac!ions<(ords of o!hers affec! children of color& hey mayfeel inferior #ecause !hey ha%e #een !rea!ed differen!ly or ha%e (i!nessed !heir family face discrimina!ion& Racism needs !o #e an issue !ha! is !al9ed a#ou! e%eryday and no! us! (hen some!hing *#ig. happens& ccording !o !he ar!icle *8sing !uden!s' Racial =emories !o each a#ou! Racial ne>uali!y.

" =acom#er and Rusche confirm !ha!" *he failure of schools !o !each cri!ically a#ou! race is e%iden! (hen (e face our college s!uden!s" (ho for years ha%e mis?learned cri!ical informa!ion a#ou! our na!ion's his!orical and curren! dealings of race and racism. ,215-& chools ha%e failed !o !each s!uden!s a#ou! racial ine>uali!y& n par!icular" *!he maori!y of !eachers" in alliance (i!h !he s!andard 8&& his!ory !e!#oo9 [email protected]

!each children a#ou! racism" ye! !hey spea9 a#ou! i! as an issue from !ha! pas! ,21A-& he ar!icle descri#es ho( s!uden!s (ere as9ed !o (ri!e for !hree !o four minu!es a#ou! !heir firs! racial memories& 3ne s!ory(as a#ou! re%or" a (hi!e #oy" (ho has an frican merican friend named onnie& re%or epresses a#ou! ho( (hen he (en! !o onnie's house" he (as !old !o no! go ou!side #ecause i! (as a neigh#orhood !ha! (hi!e people did no! go !o" #u! (hen onnie came o%er !o re%or's house" no one cared& he educa!ion sys!em is no! doing a good o# !eaching a#ou! *sociological concep!s such as residen!ial segrega!ion" !he cons!ruc!ion of !he ghe!!o" (hi!e [email protected] " and so on ,217-& Children s!ruggle !o adap! !o !hese issues physically and men!ally #ecause i! is !he firs! !ime !hey eperienced an e%en! !ha! has !o do (i!h racial sociological concep!s& ! is necessary Nguyen /!ha! children 9no( ho( !o handle !he si!ua!ion" (ha! !o !hin9" and so for!h (hen !hey encoun!er !hese sociological concep!s& 2.

An indication of the specific topic (narrow focus) he s!ereo!ypes of sian merican s!uden!s ha%e many nega!i%e effec!s& he s!ereo!ypes ha%e affec!ed sian merican s!uden!s men!ally #ecause s!ereo!ypes such as *sians are nerds. ma9e !he s!uden!s feel li9e !hey are only #eing seen for !heir race& sians are por!rayed in !he media" mo%ies" and sho(s as !he nerd" smar! 9id in class" and foreigner& 3!hers (ould no! (an! !o ini!ia!e friendships (i!h a nerd (ho only cares a#ou! school" a smar! 9id (ho has no fun" and a foreigner (ho canno! spea9 English *properly. & he s!ereo!ypes also al!er in!erac!ions (i!h o!her sian merican s!uden!s& ome sian merican s!uden!s regard !he model minori!y s!ereo!ype as a s!andard !o mee!" and !hose s!uden!s may see o!her sian merican s!uden!s" (ho are !he opposi!e of !he model minori!y s!ereo!ype" in a nega!i%e ligh!& ddi!ionally" *n !he educa!ional se!!ing" s!ereo!ypes can al!er in!erac!ions (i!h professors" s!aff" peers" and e%en o!her s<sms.

,AA0-& n !he ar!icle *sians are Bood a! =a!h& ;ha! an (ful !ereo!ype. , ry!!en" o(e" and ;alden poin! ou! !ha! s!ereo!ypes change !he (ay o!hers percei%e !he sian merican s!uden!s& )or ins!ance" !he peers around !he sian merican s!uden!s ha%e posi!i%e %ie(s" such as" people !hin9 !ha! sian merican s!uden!s are %ery in!elligen! and !hey aspire !o #e li9e !hem& ! could also #e nega!i%e" such as" people feel inferior and hur! !ha! ano!her race is considered really smar! (hile !heir race is no!& Do!h posi!i%e and nega!i%e %ie(s affec! !he s!uden! #ecause i! is #ased on s!ereo!ypes& sian merican s!uden!sare cons!an!ly under s!ress #y !he high epec!a!ions !hey recei%e from o!hers" and  ha%e eperienced !his& uring my senior year of high school"  had a !eacher (ho (ould !a9e poin!s off of my (or9" and he said" *+ou are so hard(or9ing and smar!&  9no( you can do #e!!er" so 