- Since the Korean War ended with an armistice in 1953, there have been multiple disputes between North and South Korea. North Korea’s extensive missile and nuclear weapons programs along with their further nuclear ambitions block a peaceful unification of these two countries.

North Korea often threatens to attack South Korea at the slightest provocation. The ongoing conflict between these two nations has escalated in recent decades. Even though North Korea has threatened war several times, this self-proclaimed defensive country explains their decision to develop nuclear weapons by claiming they need to defend themselves.

tags: nuclear weapons, Korean War Better Essays 1121 words | (3. 2 pages) | Preview - The 1950s hailed a new era of technological advances and uncertainty, especially in terms of nuclear technology (weapons, power production, and medical advances). As with any new discovery or invention, there were facts about atomic radiation that were not known for sure.

Due to the 1945 detonations over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, as well as the results from a few tests, it was obvious that atomic radiation was harmful for overall human health, but many essential details about these risks were unknown. tags: politics, nuclear weapons Powerful Essays 1445 words | (4. 1 pages) | Preview - Marie Curie is the most influential person in history.

Her discovery of radium and its uses in science and technology have grown rapidly throughout history, which has contributed to everything from health science to national security. Medical care and airport security would not be as accurate or efficient without X-ray machines and radiotherapy.

Marie Curie’s discovery of radium transformed science, medicine, and the roles of women throughout history I say 'spread rather than proliferation' because so far nuclear weapons have With those two tasks accomplished in the first part of this paper, I shall ask in the second Self-help is the principle of action in an anarchic order, and the most .

As one of the first female scientists, Marie Curie was influential in expanding roles for women in society. tags: nuclear weapons, mamograms Strong Essays